Superfast Broadband

Superfast broadband is now available at Nova Apartments

Nova is now connected to OPENetworks Superfast Fibre-to-the-Building network.

You can now order superfast broadband and voice services up to 100Mbps downloading and 40Mbps uploading.*

Contact one of the following Retail Service Providers to order competitively priced broadband and voice services to suit your needs and budget:

Ordering a service – Step by Step

  1. Resident contacts ISP (i.e. Internode) to place an order for a service (ask for your your username & password and write them down)
  2. ISP processes the order and sends a provisioning request to OPENetworks
  3. OPENetworks allocates an available port at Nova Apartments
  4. OPENetworks advises ISP that a port is available and has been allocated and that a technician will contact the customer to arrange a physical connection within 10 working days (this is usually done within a week though)
  5. OPENetworks advises our contracted Sydney technician that a customer needs to be connected and provides the technician with the customers contact details and building information
  6. The Technician attends Nova Apartments, on a day and time arranged with the customer to complete a physical connection to our network. The Technician will need access to the residents apartment.
  7. OPENetworks advise ISP that customer is connected and ISP provides any additional support for router configuration.

*Actual achieved rates subject to internet contention and Retail Service Providers network conditions.