Space Commander

The SpaceCommander ‘over-the-bonnet’ storage solution has been selected for its’ superior build and safety qualities and is the only one permitted by the NOVA Owners Corporation.

If you are interested in purchasing the SpaceCommander system for your car space, please arrange a location check with the Building Manager to ensure that the SpaceCommander will not interfere with any building fire, water or power systems.

If you have a SpaceCommander, you must not keep anything below or on top of it and must make sure your vehicle stays within the marked boundary. Failure to comply with these rules may result in an order of removal of the system.

Storage Cages

All storage cages are private and must not be tampered with. Cameras have been strategically placed to protect property.

In order to comply with NSW fire regulations, you must not store any items other than your vehicles (car, motorbike, scooter, bicycle) in your car space.