General Security

Like all densely populated areas, we suffer from theft and anti-social behaviour – so it is up to us as a community to be ever vigilant in keep our personal property, friends and loved one safe.

What can you do?

To protect your valuables please consider the following:

  • Ensure common courtyard gates are always closed
  • Lock all your windows and doors
  • Draw your blinds
  • Do not admit strangers via intercom, regardless of who they are
  • If you have items in your courtyard, such as bicycles, lock them up
  • If you see something or someone out of place report it immediately
  • Keep valuables out of sight in your car

Security Screens

Security Screens can be a wise and practical security addition to any property. If you are interested in installing security screens to your apartment, please note that they must be approved by the Owners Corporation BEFORE installation.

Please contact the Building Manager and prepare all relavant information for submission to the Executive Committee for approval.

The Crimesafe brand of security screen doors are the only product approved for use at Nova.

Security cameras

Security cameras have been installed in all of the common areas with a view to curbing theft, the incidents of graffiti and any anitsocial behaviour.

Any record of infringements will be forwarded to the Police without hesitation.

Garage remote controls

  • Entry and exit to the garage is via remote control
  • Organise a remote control through the Building Manager
  • Do not leave these in your car
  • If they are lost or stolen a replacement must be purchased
  • Do not lend a remote to anyone not registered with the Body Corporate