Garage remote controls

Entry and exit to the garage is via remote control.

  • To organise a remote control contact the Building Manager
  • Do not leave your remote control in your car
  • If your remote control is lost or stolen a replacement can be purchased from the Building Manager
  • Do not lend a remote to anyone.

Car space sub-leasing

For security reasons – sub-leasing of any car space is strictly prohibited! Any infringement will result in the deactivation of all remote controls for the person(s) involved and may result in legal action.

Oil spillage

Lot owners and tenants are fully responsible for oil leakages in their car spaces. If oil spillage occurs, it must be cleaned immediately. Owners are liable if an accident occurs due to oil spillage in their lot.

For the safety of all residents (especially children), DO NOT SPEED in the garage. The speed limit is 5Km/h.