Executive Committee

What is an Executive Committee?

  • An Executive Committee is a group which represents owners or owners’ nominees
  • It administers the day-to-day running of the strata scheme
  • The Owners Corporation decides the number of executive committee members (1-9) for the coming year at each Annual General Meeting.

Who is on our Executive Committee?

The NOVA Executive Committee is comprised of a dedicated group of owners who are prepared to give their utmost attention to the ongoing maintenance of the building and to the care of all residents.

  • Ms Karen-Louise Allen – Chairperson
  • Ms Caroyln Tanish – Secretary
  • Mr Ryan Hatami – Treasurer
  • Mr Kevin Ng – Consultant
  • Mark Taffs – Webmaster

If you would like to join the EC or have any queries regarding its’ function, please contact us for more information.

The Nova Executive Committee is a dedicated group of owners and as such should be respected for the sacrifice of their personal time. Any personal abuse will not be tolerated and may result in legal action.