Building Works

We all love personalising our homes, but there rules to be follow under Strata Law.

Please contact the Building Manager to initiate the process of approvals necessary to carry out any building works.

Only the NOVA Executive Committee on behalf of the Owners Corporation can give permission for building works. The Building Manager cannot (and will not) give permission for any building works, including Security Screens, Floor Boards, Painting work or any other building works.

Nova preferred products

We have labelled the follow product “Nova Preferred” in order to create a uniform and harmonious visual aesthetic which is in keeping with the architect’s original vision.

Whilst the following products are perferred that does not give final permission on behalf of the Owners Corporation. Always confirm with the Nova Executive Committee BEFORE commencing any building works.

Please ensure you read By-Law 6.2 (e) to understand your obligations. Security screens that are installed without prior approval the Owners Corporation and which do not meet NOVA standards must be removed at the owners expense.