Beautiful – for all the right reasons.

Designed by Turner+Associates our iconic building has captured the attention of the architectural community as well as the imagination of public.

Nova comprises 114 apartment units configured around two courtyards.

The site is organised with robust, slimline, bar forms flanking the east and west boundaries. Letterbox-like openings mark balcony spaces behind and are animated with sunscreens that control the sun and thermal comfort. Overscaled projecting timber-clad maisonette volumes punctuate the elevation and relate to the broad dimension of Joynton Park to the east.

In response to Tote Park to the west, a series of maisonettes on the upper levels project from the wall plane and are rotated towards the north and the city views.

A high level of amenity was achieved as the predominant apartment type is dual aspect on either one or two levels, giving opportunity for cross ventilation, and the orientation of primary living, bedroom and terrace areas is towards one of the two parks.

Since its’ completion in 2003, Nova has been consistently used as the hero building in advertising and main-stream press.